in defense of the “easy girl”

if i read another article from a mom telling his son what to look for in a woman, im going to throw up.

this is the new “slut shaming” except its much worse.
its coming from future mother in laws. who we already know dont approve of us.
and it’s time i take a stand. for me and my fellow ladies- the ones who havent been saving ourselves.

dear future mother in laws-

your son isnt the first man ive been with. honestly, i dont know what number he is on my list. my mom found my list in college and threw it away.

just because i have goals for myself and my future doesnt mean im going to wait for your son. nor does it mean i want him to wait for me. things happen when they happen! and we make changes accordingly.

your son doesnt have to listen to us if we’re boring him. he shouldnt have to sit through us talking if we aren’t interesting him. if he doesnt care about my dinosaur addiction then he can leave whenever he wants. i dont need your son to “be polite” when it comes to my passions.

yes, i should be treated like a lady. even though i am far from the definition of one. i love it when a door is held for me. but your son doesn’t have to do this if it pains him, if he doesnt want to.

you love your son and want the best for him. you also want him to treat women with respect because you are one and he is a reflection of you. and i respect that.
but your son is a human being.
he may sleep with a random. he may break the “perfect” girls heart. he may even let the door slam in the face of “the one” WHO CARES!?

you do, because you are overbearing.
and more than likely, the girl that is perfect for your son will not be what you pictured. and by you being so set on who you want him with, his perfect girl will slip away.

lets make a deal,

you raise your son. you love him, shelter him, care for him. teach him to be a good person.
he won’t always, in every sitation, be the pillar of perfect. again, he is a human being.

but dont ever tell him who to love. dont even tell him who to sleep with. he can make his own decisions. and he will!

your blog posts do nothing but make the teenage girl who recently lost her virginity to some guy she thought cared about her feel like she will never find “the one”.

sure, other mothers will praise you like you are a god.
but the young girl who hasnt quite found herself will feel nothing but worthless when she reads the things you want for your son.

everyone makes mistakes. even you.
being 16 in 2014 isnt what it was when you were 16. shit happens and everyone knows about it instantly. if you grew up in our world, you would understand how hateful and disgusting you sound.

the 16 year old girl that has read what you’ve written and felt personally attacked has a mother too. and her mother just wants her to be happy.
i know that because i was that girl 8 years ago. and thankfully blogs werent the cool thing back then.

i probably wouldn’t have made it to 24 if all of you mean moms were a thing when i was in high school.

but i have. and im worthy of genuine, sincere love. and all of the un-ladylike baggage that i bring to that relationship will be ok. its called growing up for a reason.

youre supposed to learn from your mistakes. no one ever said anything about ridiculing people for making their own mistakes.